Wednesday, July 31, 2013

6 Things People Using Net Banking Need To Know

Net Banking is the new way out to all tribulations these days. Be it transferring funds, making transactions for purchases or bill payments, net banking is the one-stop answer for all finance associated distress that once consumed a person’s precious time and energy. Net banking has opened a new arena for people giving way to devices to make banking transactions, shunning
the old practice of standing in long serpentine queues for hours. Though net banking has a series of benefits it might prove to be a nuisance if not used cautiously. Here are some net banking tips you need to be acquainted with and follow as a consumer

1. Passwords- Never use your date of birth, phone number, mobile number or any other information linked to you that is simple to guess as your password. By no means should you stick to using the same password for ages. Always change your password as frequently as you can. One is suggested to not use the same password for more than a period of 3 months.

2. Do Not Share Your Details- Do not share your login id and password with any person as there are a probability of your account being mishandled when the information is out in public. Also do not transact on websites that inquire for your login id and password as there are chances that it could be a scam. The best payment gateway will never request for such delicate minutiae as they follow the customer security guidelines in their dealings. Never shop on an e-commerce gateway that asks for your password as it may possibly come from an unreliable source.

3.      Detach the Internet Connection When Not In Use- Always disengage your internet connection and detach the plug from the socket when not in use. Keeping your internet connection active when not in use increases the likelihood of your computer getting hacked by malicious sources. This can result in hackers accessing your delicate information and misusing it too.

4.      Keep a Tab on Your Account- Whether you know how much money you have in your account or not if you use your account for net banking and bill payment check your account as frequent as possible. Inform your bank immediately if there is a miscalculation of funds.

5.    Use A Licensed Anti-Virus Software- Always use a licensed anti-virus software even though it means spending few hundreds. Though there are various free versions of anti-virus software that are obtainable all over the internet they are not as half as effective in fighting viruses as licensed software. Update the software as per the update notifications to help it combat new viruses.

6.      Sign out- Last but not the least sign out of your account after use. Also do not forget to clear the cache and close your browser. Not signing out of an account correctly is cited as one of the chief reasons that lead to faulty transactions. 

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