Monday, August 19, 2013

Credit Card Payment Gateways - Making Life Easier

Attributing to services such as credit and debit card payment gateway offered by service providers to online trading sites, paying through credit card and debit card is a growing fad today. Approximately every person who starts a new bank account today opts for a credit or debit card due to its simple and less time-consuming user process. Paying through credit and debit card is a facile process as compared to paying through a cheque or any other form of payment with the exception of cash payments. Though traders who are more on a face-to-face basis with their patrons find it more appropriate to accept cash payments, merchants who are based online find card payments more feasible.

Card payments are a quicker and economical process as compared to options like Cash On Delivery for traders who are based online. Hence dealers who trade through the medium of online trading platforms opt for payment service providers who offer services such as payment through credit or debit card. Credit and Debit card payments are advantageous for both the dealer and their patron. If this form of payment is inexpensive and faster in comparison to cash payment for the traders, it is also beneficial for their clients as this process is less prolonged and effortless. In addition the shopper does not have to dread stacking up liquid cash for fear that they need to pay a hefty amount for the merchandise they purchase.

Furthermore payment made in the form of credit and debit cards is much safer for both the merchant and their customer as it curtails the probability of fraudulent dealings. It is a time-saver, as neither the trader nor the shopper has to go through the ordeal of standing in a large queue waiting to withdraw or deposit the amount. Payments are completed in a jiffy in a matter of few seconds and it takes less than two days to complete the entire procedure which is also inclusive of debiting the amount in the trader’s account. Hence attributing to its alacrity and enhanced usability, online trading platforms prefer debit and credit card payment gateways than other methods of payment. 

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