Thursday, September 12, 2013

5 Worst Security Mistakes Mobile Payment Users Commit

It seems like wallet is a fictitious word today. Many people have forsaken the traditional norm of carrying a wallet laden with hard cash these days. Instead of carrying currencies people prefer using plastic money or prepaid services like mobile wallets at present. The popularity of these forms of payment chiefly mobile payment raises questions regarding the security of their users. Although users are sentient of the measures that need to be followed to ensure their safety, here are 5 worst security blunders people often commit worldwide when it comes to mobile payment services.

  • Misplacing Your Mobile- This is one of the most universal gaffe people commit worldwide. Losing a phone due to callous behavior and theft is cited as few of the most common reasons that pose a threat to the security of the user. While one cannot help a phone from getting stolen one can surely download apps that lock applications, help to secure vital information when in anonymous hands and help to locate a stolen phone.
  • No Back Up Data- Another ordinary habit found among mobile users which many are aware of is most users either do not back up their mobile data frequently or do not back up important data and contacts at all. Backing up your data on a CD or a drive minimizes the risk of losing vital information in case of a theft or any other cause. 
  • Using Unreliable WI-FI- Often people use WIFI that can be accessed without password from an unreliable source just to save some extra money on their internet tariff plans. This can prove to be very hazardous as malicious hackers can access your crucial details and exploit it at any given time.
  • Applications That Encroach Your Privacy- Many smartphone users use applications that invade their privacy and use their delicate information. Smartphone users are advised not to use such applications as majority of them intrude your privacy and misuse delicate information.
  • Allowing People To Use Your Phone- Customers often complain about abusage after they handed their phones over to someone else to use it. Sharing your device or letting someone use your device is cited as one of the most foolish act done by any user.  


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